Hardware A+

Computer Hardware A+ Training

Mastering Computer Hardware A+
Computer Hardware training covers the fundamentals of computer, Computer Systems, installation and maintenance of PCs and laptops. Mastering Computer hardware also includes basic networking with core networking technologies. Computer hardware course covers the skills required to install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain PC operating systems.

Basic Electronics
AC and DC Circuit Theory
Working with Components
Hands-on Training Experiment
Hardware Fundamentals
Introduction to Computer
PC Architecture
Input/ Output Devices
Practical Networking
Networking Components/Types
Peer to Peer Networking
Server Based Networking
Network Securitie
Trouble Shooting
Software Troubleshooting
Hardware Troubleshooting
Disassembling and Reassembling
Configuring System Resources
Installing and Upgrading
Operating System
Instillation and Configuration

Training Duration: 2 Months, 3 Days A Week