اردو میں "اس کمپیوٹر کورس" کے بارے میں پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں

Would you like to learn How to use a computer and Internet?

There are still many people who have never switched on a computer. Many of these people would like to know more about computers and the Internet but may feel that it’s too complicated or that it’s too late for them to learn. If that sounds like someone you know, IT Basics is the program for them to overcome their fears and get started with computers...

Course Overview

Mastering IT Basics focuses on the computer technology concepts, skills, tools, and opportunities that surround the use of computing skills. This lab based assignment oriented course centers on the use of computers through do it yourself method (100% practical).

After completing of Mastering IT Basics you will not only improve your career options, but take the frustration out of using your computer on an everyday basis by boosting both your efficiency and your confidence. To attend this course No technical knowledge of computers is required.

Mastering IT Basics Course Outline:


Computer Components

Windows (Using Computers complete OS details)

Computer Hardware

Concepts about computers and purchasing a computer

Internet Technology

Browsing, Email, Searching, Chat (Voice/Video)

MS Office:

MS Word            (See More...)

MS Excel            (See More...)

MS PowerPoint   (See More...)

MS Access (VB Code)

E-Commerce/Web Designing

HTML & ASP (Intro Only “Dreamweaver”)


Basic Home networking

Final Project

Accounts Sheets

Database Application

Training Duration: 3 Months, 6 Days A Week


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