Course Outline for Web Development (PHP+MySQL)


  • Introduction to back end, installing configuring PHP, MySQL, Apache
  • Basic intro of PHP, MySQL, Apache Server.
  • Who is using PHP, MySQL? What is open source?
  • PHP introduction
  • PHP syntax, PHP variables, PHP comments
  • Loosely typed language, printing statements, string concatenation,
  • PHP data types,
  • PHP array, PHP string functions and manipulation,
  • Conditional Statements
  • Embedding PHP in to html
  • Accessing HTML form data,
  • PHP operators and math
  • PHP Loops
  • PHP built-in functions. Include and require functions.
  • Difference b/w include and require
  • Deleting value from Array
  • PHP variable scope
  • Optional & required function's argument
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP array(s’) in depth
  • PHP forms validation
  • Good programming practice
  • Linking different files with PHP


  • Introduction to database, creating database,
  • Tables, primary key, table structure.
  • Introduction and understanding PHP My Admin
  • What is SQL query?
  • Using PHP to communicate with MySQL
  • Some basic queries.
  • Saving, fetching (retrieving), updating and deleting data from database.
  • What is Cookie(s)? Concept of cookie(s).
  • Setting Cookie(s), saving data into cookie. Reading data from cookie.
  • Register a user and Login
  • PHP sessions, what is session? How to start session?
  • Understanding the security risks on cookies.