Spoken English

English is an international key to success. In our part of world if someone can speak English he is considered to be an educated person, no one will ask him about his qualification. Believe me learning English is as easy as ABC, but if you learn it as language not as a subject. Every language of the world has 4 parts like listing, reading, writing and speaking but we are used to focus only on reading, yes I am true throughout our education system we are forced to focus on reading and other parts are neglected. For example we are not taught about creative writing, if we have to right on specific topic we cannot do it on the spot (Lack of writing skills), throughout our education we are not trained about interviewing skills we are not trained to have interactive conversation or live conversation with someone that’s why most of peoples fail in their interview (Lack of speaking skills). We cannot interpret or understand English movie or English song because our ears are not trained for this skill (Lack of listing skill). We only have reading capability and we are using that ability since our childhood but this ability is not as good as it should be, for example our reading skill is limited to our school, college or university books, students are not encouraged to think reading as a skill of language but as part of subject. That’s way we are used to learn by heart like, I have many friends but Mr. Ali is my best friend and in case the topic is changed to My father we have to modify my best friend to my best father and just imagine ?


Keeping all these issues in our mind we have developed our English language course in such a way that we are teaching English as a language not as a subject. We guarantee you if you join us for 3 months, if you are unable to speak English we will teach you next 3 months free of cost.


For speaking comprehension we have developed different methodologies like:

  1. Interactive Interviews
  2. Interactive presentations
  3. One to one discussions
  4. Mock calls


We have audio video aid to develop your listing comprehension, we teach listing comprehension both through headphones technique (Individual listing) and listing in a group. Our classrooms are equipped with latest multimedia equipment’s so that you can use all latest technology gadgets to help in developing you listing skills. Following techniques we will use in our listing module.

“Follow me” complete listening comprehension course recommended and developed by British council.
Songs interpretation
Movie interpretation
Understanding and differentiations of both British and American accent


Reading is an integral part of any language, if you cannot read neither you can write nor you can focus on other skills. For reading comprehension in our English language course we will use.

Newspaper reading
Blog reading
Skimming and scanning techniques.


Writing is most important and crucial portion of any language. For better writing you must have good grammar and lot of vocabulary must have idea of structure of language etc. Following techniques are used to aid this module.

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Tenses structure